ghalieh mahi recipe

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ghalieh mahi recipe

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Gheliye mahi is one of the most famous and popular foods of southern provinces of Iran which is prepared all over the country because of its fame. This delicious food is prepared from the combination of vegetables and fish, to see this cooking tutorial stay tuned.

Ingredients needed for 4 people


4 pieces of fish fillet

2 onions

200 grams of tamarind

6 cloves of garlic

300 grams of coriander

50 grams of fenugreek

Salt and black pepper as much as needed

Turmeric and oil as much as needed

How to prepare

The recipe of Gheliyeh mahi

First phase

First clean the pieces of the fish and pour salt and black pepper on both sides of the pieces and put them aside. Next wash the coriander and fenugreek after cleaning and rinse them and then chop them with a chopper into small pieces and put them aside.

Second phase

In this phase dice the onions and fry them with some oil in a suitable pot so that the onion becomes soft and clear and then add some turmeric and fry it again so that the onion and turmeric become coherent.

Third phase

In this phase chop the garlics into small pieces and add them to the onions. The garlics shouldn’t be fried too much because it burns fast. After frying garlic, a little add the chopped fenugreek and coriander and fry them well.

Fourth phase

Fry the vegetables well so that they become juicier and their juice evaporates then add half a glass boiled water and let the vegetables cook completely. After 15 minutes’ mix the tamarind with water so that it becomes lighter.

Fifth phase

Then add the tamarind with another 2 glasses of boiled water to the pot and let the stew settle with a gentle heat. If you don’t have tamarind, you can use Sour pomegranate paste for this stew.

Sixth phase

At last 30 minutes of cooking, fry the pieces of the meat with some oil so that they preserves their shape and then add them to the stew. After the stew became oilier and settled down serve it with rice.